Regal, elegant and dark – We’ve fallen head over heals!

by Mar 15, 2020

We L.O.V.E every wedding! Creating a wedding evokes a little madness, magic and a lot of heart! When Kara and Mike’s wedding came into our feed, we jumped on the chance to showcase this dark – moody, regal drop-dead gorgeous wedding! This wedding is unlike anything we have seen before and we know it takes some real creative souls to help create a vision and capture the feels of a wedding like this so – this week we are chatting with the magic makers that helped make Kara and Mike’s dream a reality!

Sisterly Love Design – Alicia and Cristina put the heart in heartfelt! They are genuine, kind and create a total stress-free environment, leaving you to just enjoy you the process and your wedding day!

How does Sisterly Love Design get to know your brides and grooms and what they like?

Alicia & Cristina – At Sisterly Love Design, the most popular service we offer is Month-Of and Day-Of Coordination. This gives our client the opportunity to be stress-free the day of their wedding knowing that their hard work, and countless hours of planning, will be executed to perfection by our team. For our bride, Kara, this entire wedding was not only her vision, but her hard work. We were honored when Kara reached out and asked us to be a part of this special day.

Our first meeting with Kara was exactly one month before the wedding. The first initial meeting is an opportunity for our client to share everything (and we mean everything) with us! From the receiving line and seating chart, to the stationary, linens and florals, we want to know every single design detail of their wedding. Brides and grooms will share their vision and inspiration, Pinterest board, and list of vendors that they have hired for their big day. We will not leave until we feel fully confident and in sync with their vision. After a 3+ hour meeting with Kara, we felt confident that we were prepared to execute her dream wedding.

How did Sisterly Love Design capture the mood so perfectly with décor for this wedding?

Alicia & Cristina – For this question, we have to give ALL the credit to our client and bride, Kara. When we first met with Kara, we asked her what her inspiration was behind the décor of her wedding. Kara said, “Remember that scene from the Romeo and Juliet with Leonardo DiCaprio and all the candles around Juliet? That is my inspiration.” We were in total awe and totally on board. To say we were excited would be an understatement. We truly believe that Kara captured the mood so perfectly through her coherence, which is SO important. Every element was strategically chosen and complemented the next flawlessly and beautifully. From her jaw-dropping (literally) crown, to her stationary, florals, and countless candles, she did an incredible job of capturing the mood through her consistent design.

EvyRose Design – Liana with her eye for botanical beauty helped create the stunning floral arrangements that completely depicted Kara’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ wedding inspiration!

How do you get to know your brides and grooms’ and what they like?

Liana – After a client has booked us for their event, we set up a design meeting to discuss in detail their vision and atmosphere for the event.  We review colour selections, design elements and overall mood.

What is it like putting together someone else’s vision – how do you ensure all the elements they envision will be there?

Liana – After our design meeting we put together a full proposal including visuals, drawings and some flower suggestions. Communication is important to ensure that we are on the same page as our client, and most of all it is important for our client to trust our creative freedom.

How did you capture the mood so perfectly with the floral design for this wedding?

Liana – We choose a lot of different textures for this event to add to the moody feeling. We also reviewed several other design elements in the space, including linens, candles and floor plan in order to ensure the look was cohesive.

Favourite piece from this magical twilight wedding?

Liana – The bride’s bouquet and crown!

How was it working with other vendors to create this picture-perfect vision?!

Liana – The photographer was essential in capturing the overall feel of the vision. All the vendors worked collectively to create a stunning event!

Jessica Lee Photography grabbed our attention immediately! We were so intrigued by her perspective and in total awe of her gift for capturing the perfect moment!

Did you discuss the bride and grooms’ overall vision prior to the wedding?

Jessica – We did have some chats over the phone, but it was more so I could get an understanding of who they are as a couple, their personalities, and what was most important to them on the wedding day. 

How did you prepare for this gorgeous wedding? 

Jessica – After our phone meetings, I also have a fun little questionnaire for all my couples to fill out prior to the wedding day. This helps me get organized to ensure we’re using our time together efficiently and I can ensure my couples are enjoying their wedding day/mingling with their guests instead of spending most of their time posing for photos. 

How did you capture the mood so perfectly? 

Jessica – I tend to focus more on capturing the emotion of the day so that when my couples are looking back on their photo’s years from now, they have the same feelings triggered as they had on the wedding day. I am a big fan of candid’s!

Favourite part about shooting at LIUNA Station?!

Jessica – The atmosphere was so intimate despite it being such a large venue. The lighting was so dreamy, and the people that coordinated the reception were incredibly professional and organized. 

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