Talking All Things Audio-Visual with Soundbox Productions!

When you have a vendor who has both keen industry knowledge and valuable experience, you can surely bet your event will go off without a hitch! This week we are catching up with Soundbox Productions to talk about all things audio-visual, what they love about LiUNA Station’s venue and current trends!

Tell us a bit about your business?

Soundbox Productions is an audio-visual company that provides effective solutions for live events; ie. audio systems, lighting, projectors and screens, pipe and drape and staging. We also provide streaming for virtual and hybrid events, AV installation solutions, IT network designs and installation, product sales, equipment service and repair.

We have to ask! What’s your fave part about working with LiUNA Station?

The building itself is a joy to design events in because of the heritage and architecture. Most clients are hosting their events at LiUNA Station because of the look and design of the building and want to see those features highlighted as a part of their event. While each event is its own unique situation, it’s usually easy to understand and spot what the client wants accented during their event. Often that look is naturally created by the space itself with only a touch of extra colour.

What would you say are the top three trends in your line of work?

1) Historic Venues

Historic or legacy venues are a huge trend in events these days. Spaces like LiUNA Station make it easy to design and highlight the vast history of the space and its origins and bring out the unique character of the venue. The history within these venues’ walls are easily showcased which makes any occasion grander by nature.


2) Wireless Push-to-Talk Systems

Meetings, government proceedings and even hybrid meetings can benefit from these systems. They’ve become a trend due to their sleek design and ease of use, with no wires, and built-in speakers. They can easily be integrated into hybrid meetings and give full control to a moderator if necessary.


3) Battery powered lights

Battery powered lighting is highly efficient at generating ambience in previously unreachable or difficult spots. Battery powered par lighting makes it easy to highlight outdoor spaces where power is typically difficult or wash a space with colour quickly and easily.




What was your all time favourite event you worked on and why?

It’s impossible to put one event as our best with the hundreds of events that come through the building each year.  Every event is special and challenging to us in their own different ways. We always love using the technology at our disposal and our expertise to make our client’s visions come to life.

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Soundbox Productions

Ben Dartnell 

Tell our community where they can find you if they are interested in working with you at their next event!

We have locations in Stoney Creek and Downtown Hamilton at the Hamilton Convention

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From all of us at LIUNA Station, thank you for following along!