A High-End-One-Stop Shop! The AMV Experience.

We’re grooving into something a little different this week and taking a peek into AMV’s Event experience. We can attest to the fact that they are the full package from event coordinators, photographers and videographers to DJs–they really are a high-end, one-stop shop! Oh, and can we just say how excited everyone gets when their DJs are bringing the best beats into our ballrooms, EVERYTIME! 

Tell us a bit about your business?!

Our experienced team of event coordinators, DJs, photographers and videographers will help plan, produce and capture your wedding or special event with the perfect balance of creativity and professionalism. We are a high-end, one-stop shop serving any event or wedding, in terms of production needs that is!

We have to ask! What’s your fave part about working with LiUNA Station?

Our favourite part about working at LiUNA Station is the staff and the overall look of it.

What would you say are the top three trends in your line of work?

Secondary Shooter: It is now a trend to have a secondary photographer and/or videographer, but AMV has always had a secondary and sometimes even a third shooter for almost all events. We believe that candid moments and capturing every single one of them is very important, and that can only be done with more people onsite.

“Less gimmicks more substance” (DJ/MC): A trend that has become more popular lately in all industries. When it comes to DJs and master of ceremonies, individuals are looking for experienced people that are not only good at “picking the right songs” but also professionals at beat matching, reading the crowd and microphone work. 

Drone Photography/Videography: Even though drones have been in the industry for awhile now, more and more couples are requesting it.

Tell our community where they can find you if they are interested in working with you at their next event!

Photo, video, planning and DJs. AMV is a high-end, one-stop shop serving all of your event and wedding needs. Call us today at (905) 930-9093 or e-mail us at [email protected] to find out about the next steps for your day!

Stunning Photos taken by AMV

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