Community Is Everything! | Small Business Week

We are all about COMMUNITY, so each year when Small Business Week comes around – a week to showcase so many amazing local thriving businesses that make a large impact within our community we jumped at the opportunity to share a few of them with you! We asked our Instagram followers to nominate a few local businesses to feature and here they are!

1. LJ Events !

Lisa Abreu the founder of LJ Events which is a Day of Coordination service that provides assistance to couples in the month leading up to their wedding, and on the day of the event. As your coordinator, LJ Events will take care of setting up your event space, meeting and directing all vendors, and resolving any issues that may arise. LJ Events will also be your behind-the-scenes eyes, ears and hands, ensuring your event runs smoothly and on time.

Why did you start your business?

Lisa told us, “I have an appreciation for the time and energy that goes into planning an event. Most couples spend over a year putting their vision together; having to trust a variety of different vendors. However, to really enjoy the day of, they need someone to execute all those little details. I love to provide couples the assurance that on their wedding day, they can arrive to see their vision has come to life, and truly soak in every moment stress free.”

Advice for potential small businesses out there waiting for the perfect time to start!

Lisa told us, “My advice to a small business starting out is to connect with other smaller and newer businesses. There is nothing more uplifting and encouraging than others who are facing similar challenges as you are in starting a new business. By connecting with each other, supporting each other, your business will organically grow and your true passion for what you are doing will show. It truly is a community you will enjoy being a part of.”

Company Website: LJ Events

IG Handle: LJ Events

2. Guilty Pleasurez Dezzert Cafe

Simran Bawa, Owner and Baker at Guilty Pleasurez notes that whether it’s a birthday, wedding, company event or anything in between, Guilty Pleasurez Dezzert Cafe believes that life is worth celebrating! Find the perfect cake, cupcakes or cookies for your big (or micro) event!  They will provide desserts and rentals such as a vintage cart, donut and champagne walls or creating custom decals for your big day! 

Why did you start your business? 

Simran said, “Passion – a creative outlet, love of baking and making people happy!”


Advice for potential small businesses out there waiting for the perfect time to start! 

Simran gave us some simple but tried and true advise, “Give it your all!”

Company Website: Guilty Pleasurez 

IG Handle: Guilty Pleasurez

3. Starr Decor

Sheri Rahman is a Balloon Artist at Starr Decor and their passion is to add a beautiful touch to your special event whether it’s a birthday, baby shower, gender reveal, engagement, or any other type of event using all types of balloons. Any type of balloon decoration will add that extra touch of beauty to help make your special occasion an unforgettable one!


Why did you start your business?

Sheri told us, “I always had a passion for art and event planning, however my education and work was in the health field. Starting this business allowed me to pursue my passion in art.”


Advice for potential small businesses out there waiting for the perfect time to start!

We couldn’t agree more with what Sheri said, “There is no perfect time to start, you just have to believe in yourself and work hard everyday to bring your vision to life.”

Company Website: Starr Decor

IG Handle: Starr Decor

4. Giant Camera Photo Booth

Ervee Caddick, owner of Giant Camera Photo Booth, loves to provide the best value in print, digital and 360 Photobooth services for any event in the GTA and Niagara area. Elevate your guests’ experience by hiring us to capture the special memory and giving them a souvenir to remember your event. We provide custom activations for event marketing, brand activations, birthdays, weddings, sporting events and more!!

Why did you start your business?

Ervee told us, “It all started when I was thinking of ways to get an extra income. We had a small rental business and I wanted to add photo booth services. I designed a booth that looks like a Giant Camera and had my husband and father-in-law build it for me. Hence the name “Giant Camera” Photobooth. We have added a few more booths to our fleet since then. Photography and graphic design is a hobby of mine and having a Photo Booth business gives me the opportunity to do both of my hobbies and earn extra while having fun.”


Advice for potential small businesses out there waiting for the perfect time to start! 

Ervee with some solid advise said, “Always make sure you know your ‘why’ reasons to start, it’ll help to keep you motivated through the ‘tougher’ times. Do a lot of market research, create your business plan and make sure you have funds to cover you while starting up. Build connections in the community, they will help your business boost. Stop procrastinating, this is your sign to start!”

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