With all the logistics one needs to plan for any special event, don’t forget that the party doesn’t have to end, once the clock strikes midnight. Providing your guests with a fun, safe and reliable transportation to and from their home, is a value-added service that creates a thoughtful event. Whether you are planning a wedding, anniversary, gala or birthday celebration hiring a professional transportation service will keep the party going, and remove any unnecessary stress!
At Liuna Gardens, we call upon our preferred vendor, A Celebrity Limousine to ensure our guests safety is met with style and elegance. While providing a memorable experience that continues after guests leave the property.
A Celebrity Limousine was founded in 2000, and has been named one of the premier limousine transportation companies in the GTA, and surrounding areas for the past 14 years.
We recently caught up with Rob Iafrate, President of A Celebrity Limousine, to find out what services are available.
LG) Tell us the story behind A Celebrity Limousine
ACL) Through personal experience I noticed, there was a serious lack of professionalism in the limousine industry in Southern Ontario and I wanted to fill that void. I wanted to offer true luxury transportation, and build a brand based on reputation and quality. 18 years later, we are still here raising the bar!  

LG) What are the major benefits of hiring a professional transportation company for your  special event at Liuna Gardens?
ACL) Professional Luxury Transportation on your wedding or any celebration is one of the most important services you will need.  It adds elegance to your wedding; keeps the day running on time; you avoid delays due to parking issues or other party members getting lost trying to follow each other. Keep your party together in one vehicle and have a great time.  A bad limo service can delay you, and have a huge domino effect on your day.

LG) Providing an unforgettable customized experience is important, what are your additional services available?
ACL) Our drivers are highly trained professionals who will ensure you have the greatest experience on your Big Day. Plus they are fun guys and will make sure you have a great time.  Our additional services include decorations, red carpet, refreshments and champagne presentation with white glove service. We will do our best to meet all your expectations and customize our packages to fit your special day with detailed requests.
LG) Stretch limos, vintage cars, yellow school buses with so many transportation options, how does A Celebrity Limousine cater to their clients?
ACL) We keep your day elegant and high end, to compliment the service you will receive from Liuna as well.  We offer the latest model limos in the best condition.  Different sizes for all groups big too small.  The wedding day is a day of high elegance, never compromise this with a low-end vehicle. Do it right, and keep it classy.
LG) With every great event, ensuring your guest’s safety is top priority. What are your shuttle services available?
ACL) Shuttles are a great way to ensure your guests arrive home or to a nearby hotel safely.  Liability is a big issue nowadays and a shuttle service for your event is a great option for guests which adds convenience and safety for all. At the beginning of your event or the end; big or small groups we can accommodate all.

LG) How do you stay competitive with other limo companions in the area?
ACL) The limo industry is very competitive, therefore we have to ensure our quality always remains at the highest level. We are continuously training our drivers and making sure our vehicles are always safe and in top condition.  Never choose your limo service based on the cheapest rate. This is the worst choice you can make. You should book a quality service that offers a fair rate based on their reputation and the service they are offering. Cheaper is typically never better. You will get what you pay for.
LG) With all the logistics to think about when planning any special event, how soon would you suggest individuals to start booking their transportation?
ACL) Since we are an award-winning company and continue to offer the highest quality service in our industry, we tend to book up very early.  We always recommend 10-12 months in advance.  At this point you will be able to choose from the exact options you want on your day. The longer you wait, the higher the chance that your limo of choice will already be booked, and you might have to opt for another option within our fleet or worst case we are fully booked.
Be sure to provide your guests with this value-added service of luxury, safety and practical appeal to ensure your celebration continues from start to finish!
We’d like to thank Rob from A Celebrity Limousine for taking some time to chat with us. Be sure to head over to Liuna Station blog to check out “Harp On”, a mini interview with Divine Harp and learn about another tip in creating a memorable event.
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