Hip hip hooray for May! Wedding season is upon us. It’s that time of year when so many couples near and far are gearing up to say their “I Do’s”. In the spirit of wedding season, we thought it would be fun to interview a bride-to-be who will be walking down the aisle this season. Check out our interview with Michelle to find out what advice she has for other soon-to-be-brides, how she has been coping with the pre-wedding jitters and why Liuna Gardens will be the perfect fit for her special day.

LG: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your fiancé?
MS: My fiancé Andrew and I actually grew up in the same city but we didn’t meet until we were in our mid twenties, through a friend of Andrew’s who I happen to work with. It sounds corny but I knew he was a keeper from the first moment I saw him smile. Having spent most of our lives in the same city, we often wonder if we might have played at the same park together as kids or maybe crossed paths at a party in our teens. I’m so happy that fate eventually brought us together.
LG: How did he propose?
MS: Andrew and I had a big camping trip planned last August. We headed up north, excited for lake swimming and nature hikes but it ended up raining the ENTIRE weekend! We were sitting under a tarp with wet hair and wet feet… Andrew told me he was going to “grab a deck of cards” from the tent. He came back a moment later and handed me the deck of cards, gave me that smile that I love and said, “It’s your turn to shuffle”. I opened the box and out popped a beautiful ring! He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. The rest is kind of a blur but I remember the rain actually made the whole thing feel very romantic!
LG: What is your vision for your wedding day?
MS: My vision has always been something outdoors, surrounded by my favourite people in the world…and lots of flowers! In this case, I wouldn’t mind a little sunshine either!
LG: Why did you chose Liuna Gardens as the place to hold your special day?
MS: I’ve always wanted to say “I Do” near water, and thankfully Andrew felt the same way. I love that we didn’t need to hop on a plane to make that “waterfront” vision come to life. Liuna Gardens is right on the lake, surrounded by gorgeous gardens and the location is very accessible for our friends from Toronto, Niagara and even a few crossing the border from the USA.

LG: What are you looking forward to most about your wedding day?
MS: I can’t wait to walk down the isle towards my husband, with the most beautiful backdrop, and then dance the night away!
LG: Do you have any pre-wedding jitters?
MS: I don’t particularly like being the centre of attention, but I just remind myself that everyone attending our wedding is there because they love us and support us. I’m still a little worried that I might trip on my dress or something!
LG: What advice would you give to another bride-to-be who is just starting to get into planning mode?
MS: My advice would be to make lists, set deadlines and get everything you can get done ahead of time, because little jobs will always pop up closer to the wedding date and you’ll need those precious moments to get it all done! I have also found that putting my faith in the helpful hands of the staff at Liuna Gardens has taken a huge weight off our shoulders. Lastly, I’ve realized that my friends and family genuinely want to help with this whole process. So don’t feel badly if you have to delegate some tasks to lighten your own load –That’s what our loved ones are there for!

We’d like to thank our bride-to-be, Michelle for taking us along on her wedding journey to and we wish her and her husband-to-be a lifetime of happiness! 
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